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Short Courses

Short courses are brief, focused educational programs designed to provide specific skills or knowledge in a condensed format. These courses typically range from a few days to a few weeks in duration and cover a wide range of subjects across various industries and disciplines. Short courses offer practical, hands-on learning experiences that can be completed quickly, making them ideal for individuals seeking to acquire new skills or update their existing knowledge without committing to a long-term academic program. They are often offered by universities, colleges, vocational schools, online platforms, and professional organizations. Short courses are valuable for professional development, career advancement, and personal enrichment, allowing individuals to stay current in their fields or explore new areas of interest efficiently.



OHS & First Aid NQF L2

Fire Fighting NQF L2

Drill Rig 1 & 2 NQF L2

LHD Scoop

Fork Lift

Roller Compactor



Front End Loader


Dump Truck

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